We are just getting started and thrilled to be internationally recognized!

Our idea was lately listed among 200 best ideas in the UNLEASH Solution catalogue, which followed after an amazing event UNLEASH Laboratory in Denmark, where we have presented the idea of eco-social products made from worn-out textile. We are glad UNLEASH execution partners Deloitte, Carlsberg Foundation, Dalhberg, UNDP and others made this event a reality and brought 1 000 innovators from all over the world into one place, while supporting their cooperation.

The whole idea started after reflecting on how much textile waste we produce and that in many cases worn-out garments end up in landfills, while up to 95% of those textiles could be recycled. You can read more about the whole ideation in two blogs on Medium account of Tomas Horvath.

While developing this idea we have created partnerships in Slovakia and Czech Republic with recycling facility, charity warehouses, GreenWay Infrastructure (providing a network of electric vehicle charging stations), Voltia (green logistics company using EVs) and Mayamay - a fashion designer. Our key partner is Trnavská arcidiecézna Charita (Caritas Trnava) with who aim to produce most of our products in their social workshop.

Now, we are looking into further development of products, prototyping and testing phase. Our aim is to bring on the market fashion and good quality products, while focusing more on the social and environmental dimension, and deliver green jobs to those, who need them the most.

If you would like to cooperate with us, please, contact us through the this form.

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