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Innovating future solidarity

Growing population has an increased demand for resources and space. One Earth is simply not enough. But what if we change our behavior, at least a little bit? We try to find solutions that help, but do not hurt. They propose a new way, but they do not judge anyone.
We offer alternatives focused on social and environmental dimensions of our behavior.

Our projects



Recycled products

In cooperation with the social workshops, we have been preparing a project to produce bags and other products using destroyed clothing from charity warehouses where these materials are sentenced to get mold because of uselessness. Consequently, they can only be thrown into the landfill. We want to avoid throwing them away and instead of it bring stylish and ecological products to individuals and companies through art therapy leaded by the professionals.

Collaboration with workshops

Many social workshops already produce a variety of products which are often not very accessible or less personalized. Thanks to our experience, we want to strengthen the sales of their products through close collaboration with workshops, enrich them with innovative design solutions, personalize them for business and other customers, and provide better financing for workshops based on their own activities.


Tomas Horvath
Ideas and Partnerships

Tomas is a member of national and international teams at NGOs, official institutions and global movements. He is passionate about innovations and eco-social aspects of our behaviour. He is highly motivated and driven, also creative while finding new ideas. Tomas believes we can create a positive shift by our daily choices.

Alena Horvathova
Marketing and Sales

Alena has been managing projects for many years and lately she changed the commercial ones for the development ones. We can hear often that an individual will not change the world... but she believes, that if everyone cares at least a little bit about their surroundings, the world would change :)

Martin Malina
Graphic Design

Martin is a Freelance graphic designer. Winner of the Kros Design Award as the best user interface design of desktop application. Co-founder of the Advertising Portal for Students. He likes to design beautiful things. He is interested in package design and product value enhancement. He's looking to do things differently.

Maria Stranekova
Fashion Design

Maria, alias mayamay, has been active on local and international fashion scene since 2005. Her unique designs are based on ideas such as sustainability, tradition, innovation. She is a holder of various awards and main prizes (Top Styl Designer 2007, Brillance Fashion Talent 2009, Rings on Water 2010) and a active member of expert committees and international juries.

Terezia Minarikova
Team Development

Terezia is a Talent Manager, Event Manager, Office Manager, Teacher, Head of School Board and Volunteer. She is exceptionally creative, loves to organize events, connect with new people and partner on great ideas. Her skills in design and video creations are extraordinary. She tries to do small things with great love.

Get in touch

We have been building up the partnerships and preparing the launch of the first two projects yet. Our current partners include NGOs and also significant companies which understand the importance of eco-social issues. We will introduce them to you soon.

Account name: sobi
IBAN: SK7683300000002601265767

Are you interested in the collaboration? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Contact us via email.

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The project received funds from the European Union as well as from the OpenMaker project and EPH Foundation.

sobi, o. z. is implementing a project Youth Changemakers and Awareness of Sustainable Solutions. The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.

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