We have won and starting to fully operate

Our project of recycled products from social workshops has become one of the best in the international competition and in December 2017 has won a grant supporting our first activities through the OpenMaker program.

Thanks to this grant sobi can fully develop the upcoming project from the January 2018. The first phase focuses on the development of prototypes and the completion of the identity of the entire organization, as well as future products. Shortly we will introduce our new logo, prototypes from recycled materials, mainly from used textiles and plastic bottles, and later on we will release our first video that will reveal the process of our innovation with a socio-ecological dimension. In the next phase, we will test products, train people in social workshops, set up distribution channels, and much more.

The first social workshop, our main partner, has become the workshop of St. Helena in the Trnava region. However, it will not be the only one and communication with the other is already in the process of identifying possible cooperation.

Since we have founded our CSO sobi, we have received two international recognitions and have become the best project from Slovakia. We look forward to presenting Slovakia as a successful and innovative country with social and environmental sentience.

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